MYS. DALLAS started St. Couture 214 in 2007 after graduating from Wade College for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising.

MYS. Stands for Maricruz Yazmin Saucedo-my initials with sass! St. Couture 214, pronounced Street Couture 214, is the definition of custom street clothing made in your own way how you like it. Being a T-shirt ripped, bleached, custom lettering, or sewn. I can design all but love to reconstruct recycle recreate. 

St. Couture 214 has been part of many events such as the DFW Vintage Swap Meet, DIFFA, Texas Summer Music Conference, Proyecto Vecino, and many many more.  

I love to network in the scene and help people put their own style in my work so they can love their custom pieces.

2020 has been a crazy year, but I have been making many Custom T-Shirts and some denim pieces along with masks. My fashion line is made to order so all styles are welcomed!!! Meaning I can make what you really want to rock vs. store-bought!! Straight from Dallas aka DTOWN- 214 is what I rep all day! 

You can reach me on all social platforms: @MYSDALLAS 

Also a BUYER at World Trade Center for years along with Brand Ambassador and marketing guru. BUY or get styled! Find me on POSHMARK @MYSDALLAS


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