A Swipe in the Wrong Direction

*Please note this book has two alternate endings.

Mike has locked his heart to love.

After a recent divorce, and friend-zone placement from Cookie, the only woman he truly loves, Mike decides to give up on long-term relationships. His two best friends notice his dull love life and decide to shake up his luck with the ladies by taking him to Las Vegas to celebrate his 35th birthday.

Mike is unsuspecting about his best friends’ secret plot to set him up on a dating app. Initially against the idea, Mike quickly falls head over heels for a beautiful woman he meets on the app. There is only one problem. His newfound lover is more exciting than he realizes. and she may cost him his life.

Is she a ticking time bomb waiting to explode? Swipe left or swipe right? Choose wisely.

Your next swipe may be your last.


Everyone wants to see clearly, literally, and figuratively. However, the trials of life have a way of clouding our mental well-being. The ups and downs of love are one of the greatest contributors to cause impairment of our judgment. Financial woes, social injustice, the loss of a loved one, and health issues also create unbearable anxiety.

How do we improve our mental clarity? The answer is not as simple as it seems. As we continue to travel through life, we receive flashes of wisdom that act as guiding lights along our path. We are all suspended in blurred moments, coming out of them, or about to enter them. Through poetic expressions, Cataracts helps put those moments in perspective.

Our greatest victories are often just beyond our most crippling fears. Are you ready to tackle your darkest hours and walk boldly into the light?

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Carlos Harleaux and Robi Nickoli

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